Having a great time

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Having a great time

I walked in the door and at the table sitting with my was this guy she introduced me to him and i liked him immediately. My mom was gonna be going grocery shopping and she thought I might want some company. As soon as she left he pulled out his Dick and told me I could suck it if I want.

He said he could tell that was the only thing on my mind as soon as i saw him. I just went with it and slowly crawled up to the couch on my hands and knees, giving that time to get hard as a rock. Then I just started jacking him off and using more and more of my mouth on the head of his cock gradually. This made me so fuckin horny.

Before I knew it I was deepthroating his cock and he was facefucking me. He told me he was going to cum and I stopped blowing him but I stood up pulled down my pants licked my two fingers and swirled them around my and backed up on his . My ass was hurting but I still didn't go slowly I sat right down on his lap with his dick in my ass and held it there for a second.

Than i started bouncing up and down really xnxxv sunny leone video fast. It felt so good and he was reaching around my waist and jacking me off. I was ready to cum fast so i pulled his hand off and continued riding his massive cock. He wanted to change positions so he told me to go on my hands and knees and i did so he fucked me doggy style.

And we fucked that way like 10 real forced anal against her will minutes longer till he was saying uhhh I'm gonna cum and just as he stood up and i turned to him on my knees and as he had shot like three ropes of cum into my mouth my mom walked in. We did not hear her cause this guy was moaning in but she was there. And she watched me swallow every drop of cum this cock had to offer.

when the guy stopped moaning, she said, I knew you guys were gay but i never thought I would get the chance to see my swallow some like I do. That was the sexiest thing ive ever seen.