The neighbor1

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The neighbor1

Bob was 19 bokep sma pecah perawan years old and he should have been a lucky boy. His /girlfriend/">girlfriend Denise was a beautiful girl and he was sure, that she was the woman of his dreams. However, Bob was not very happy with his situation, because he was still a virgin. His relationship to Denise was great, but her way of thinking ’no sex before marriage’ slowly made him /crazy/">crazy. Last time when he was holding her in his arms, his cock seemed to explode. Bob tried to solve the problem with masturbation, but it didn’t work out. Each time he did it, it seemed that his desire to lose his virginity only grew more and more. 

The frustrating thing for Bob was, that Denise didn’t want to discuss with him about this subject. At the beginning he tried to seduce her, but her ’no’ began to take Bob’s self confidence and he noticed, that his sexual frustration grew.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, when everything changed. Bob was sitting in the garden, when Theresa, his neighbor, called him. This was not unusual, because he sometimes helped her with housework. She always gave a good tip so it was useful to help her. He knew not much about Theresa. She was as old as his mother, 45, and lived alone. ’No wonder’ he had always thought, because she was not really attractive. Though her figure was not /bad/">bad, she looked much older than 45. This afternoon, he had to hang up a picture in the bedroom.

This was an easy job. When it was finished, she gave him a small touch on the shoulder. Bob didn’t know what happened, but suddenly his cock was hard as a rock and stood like a tree trunk in his shorts. Bob felt extremely ashamed and he didn’t know what to do. Theresa stared at his shorts. Then suddenly she began to touch his cock carefully. ’You are so handsome’ she whispered. Bob was ashamed to death, but the gentle caress of her hands began to show its effects. He felt hot and his mouth was so dry like he had been in the desert for days.

Theresa now pulled down his shorts and let his cock out of his prison. With both hand she caressed it gently. Bob began to moan and he had the idea that his cock would explode immediately. Theresa was as hot as Bob and she had no problems to gain advantage of this situation. She undressed old waman xxxgx herself and suddenly lied naked on the bed. Bob was totally confused. He had a lovely girlfriend and to cheat this girl with his old neighbor was not in his plans. On the other side, her naked body was more attractive than he thought. Her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts and her /hairy/hairy-bush/">hairy bush were an invitation which could not to be ignored. 

’Come on Bob, I want you’, she whispered and slowly Bob’s desire to fuck this experienced woman grew. He thought about Denise. It would not be right to cheat her, but if there finally was the chance to fuck a woman for the /first-time/">first time, there was no reason not to do it. So he gave in. Theresa was like a magnet which draw him on the bed. Carefully she let him slide over her and took his huge and swollen cock. Very smoothly she took it to her pussy. Bob was excited like never before. Without hesitating, he took the chance and pushed his cock into Theresa. Both screamed out loud. Bob felt like in paradise as he felt his cock surrounded by a hot and juicy pussy. ’Damned,’ he thought to himself ’I’m fucking my unattractive neighbor, but it is so great.’

Bob only wanted to be deeper in Theresa and began to push harder and harder. Her loud moans turned on Bob even more. It took him not very long to reach a smashing orgasm and he shot his load deep into her pussy. Bob felt like a new-born child as he had lost his virginity. His whole frustration was blown away. ’You were fantastic Bob, if you like we can do it again’. He would surely think about this invitation.