Kierra and Erin First time together

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Kierra and Erin First time together

One summer night durring the break from college Kierra decied to invite Erin to a sleep over. Kierra is a hot 5'8 /brunette/">brunette with 36D tits and a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. Erin, her friend since gradeschool, is 5'11, a little bit smaller tits and a /gorgeous/">gorgeous ass. It all starts with the phone call.

"Hey Erin what are you doing this week?" Kierra asked.
"Nothin really why?"
"I was just wonderin if you want to come over for a sleepover,just us.?
"Umm sure I don't have anything planned."
"Great I'll see you here."
"OK I'll be there soon."

Now Kierra was never the type of girl to be /submissive/">submissive and she had plans for Erin. Erin didn't know it but tonight would be her first lesbian expirience.

Erin arrived at Kierra's house at about 6:30 on a friday night. Nothing unusual. She had spent the night at Kierras house many times before. She packed a set of clothes and almost grabbed her vibrator. "No" she told herself, "I won't at Kierras house." Little did she know she would be cumming without it. 

Kierra heard a knock on the door and answered it. It was Erin. "Damn" she thought, "she looks amazing in that top."

"Hey, good to see you." Kierra says.
"Good to see you too."
"I just started a movie, want to join me?"
After a few hours of sitting around on the couch together watching White Chicks Kierra asks Erin a question.

"Erin. Do you masturbate?"

"What kind of question is that, I cant believe you just asked me that!!" Erin replies.

"Well I do and I just wanted to know if you did, thats all.""So do you?"

"Yes" Erin replied."I almost brought my vibrator with me."

"Have you ever kissed a girl before?" Kierra inquires.

"No, have you?"

"No, but can I kiss you?"

"Hummmm." Erin wants to say yes but doesn't at the same time.

"Please." Kierra pleads.
"Ok" Erin says.

They kiss and Kierra breaks it off.

"Wow" "Thats amazing."


"I think you made me wet." Kierra giggles.

"I konw I'm starting to." Erin replies.

"Can I see your boobs?" Erin asked. 

"Sure but only if I can see yours."

"ok" Erin says.

She takes off Kierras shirt and undoes her bra letting her beautiful tits pop out. 
"Wow those are amazing" Erin says while hungerly starring at her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples.

"Your turn" Kierra says.

Erins shirt and bra quickly come off and her /tits/nice-tits/">nice tits and super hard nipples explode out.

"Wow, yours are nice too." Kierra says.

"Can I suck on your nipples?" Erin asks.

"Sure, that sounds good"

So Erin lowers her head down to Kierras nice hard nipples and starts to lick around the edges. "MMmmmmmmmmm" Kierra moans."Thats incredible, don't stop" Erin makes small circles and then starts fully sucking on her nipples. After a few minutes of both her nipples getting sucked Kierra decides its Erin's turn. She lays her down on the couch and starts to repeat what Erin did to her. Erin gives the same reaction. After a little while Kierra askes Erin if she is wet.

"Yeah, I'm extremly wet, thank you for making me that way." Erin replies."Having you nipples sucked is truly amazing."

"Well," Kierra starts, "are you ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"To get eaten out." Kierra says with a huge smile.

"Ok, but only if you really want to." Erin nervously says.

"Yes I want to so lets get you naked!"

Kierra proceeds to undress Erin stopping only to admire the wet spot on her thong. She rubs Erins pussy through her panties and recieves a moan. "Don't tease me." Erin tells her. Kierra takes off her panties to reveal Erins absolutly amazing shaved cunt. "Wow, you free porn movies download are beautiful." Kierra tells her. Erin just giggles. "You promise to say not one word till I make you cum ok?" Erin just nodds her head. Kierra starts kissing her inner thighs slowly moving toward her pussy. Erin moans. Kierra starts to lick around her perfect full hd xvideo download lips. She is enjoying her first taste of pussy. Its kinda musky but kinky with a hint of cranberries. Perfect. After her tongue finds its way into Erins pussy, Erin has a fit. She almost screams from all the pleasure shes getting. After about 5 minutes Kierra just goes all out on her clit. Within minutes Erin is screaming with her first orgasm givin to her by a /women/">women.

"I'm cumming, don't stop!" She screams. "Oh my god Kierra that was incredible."

Kierra licks up the last drops of Erins love juice and gives her one last lick. "You taste good."

"How did I do?" Kierra asks.

"Absolutely incredible." Erin replies.


"You do taste super delicious too." Kierra tells her.

"Can I have a taste?" Erin asks


Erin forces her tongue into Kierra mouth and they make out for a few minutes.

"Wow I do taste good." Erin exclaims. "I wonder how you taste."

"Well do you want to find out?"

"You bet I do""Strip for me"

Kierra does a slow strip which helps turn her on. Not that she needs it as all this arousoul has her shaved cunt dripping.

"Wow you have a beautiful pussy too." Erin tells her with her head in between Kierra legs.

"Are you ready." Erin asks.


Erin wastes no time and plunges right in. She devours Kierras pussy and attacks her cunt. "I'm gonna cum, go faster." Kierra screams within a few minutes. Erin licks up every drop as if it was the last thing she would ever have.

"You taste absolutly amazing Kierra"

"Do I?"


"Let me see."

They make out for a few minutes and then deciede to to other things like several 69's and /toys/">toys but thats another story!!!