The Cabin

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The Cabin

Let me begin this by telling you a little bit about my girlfriend, Lyndah. We have been together for 5 years and will be married soon. Lyndah is in her mid thirties, a little on the heavy side and loves sex, any kind of sex. She loves to be tied up; she is a world class cocksucker and swallows every drop. She loves to fuck but she loves to clean all of the cum from any cock that had just fucked her, she will also scoop the cum out of her cunt with her fingers and eat it. She is kind of nasty, just the way I like it.

Lyndah has never had her ass fucked, or so she white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie says, but really wants to have a cock pumping into her ass and feel the /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum way up in her ass. To try to help her with this I have brought butt plugs of various sizes with us as well as a black dildo that is 14 inches long and has marks every two inches on it, I call it the depth gauge.

Lyndah loves black cock and has fucked and sucked quite a few in her life and would not rule out having more. She has always had a desire to have a large black cock in her cunt, one in her ass and one in her mouth at the same time, which is her biggest /fantasy/">fantasy.

She is also somewhat of a /submissive/">submissive and loves to be ordered to do sexual things and loves to be spanked, both her ass and her cunt. She enjoys a little pain and loves nipple clamps. She would love to be an exhibitionist but does not have the nerve, yet.

We came up to the camp to be away from people and have any and all kinds of sex, to be able to go without clothes in and out of the house. We have rented a cabin on about 25 acres in the woods that is very remote and private. It has a lake but the house is not right on it but a little walk away


We start on our second day of our week long vacation. We had been for a walk naked in the woods. We went to the lake where I laid Lyndah on her back on the dock and ate her cunt until she has a /orgasm/huge-orgasm/">huge orgasm. She loves to be naked out in the air.

We pick it up after the walk and various sexual things that I won?t go into here.

Lyndah was tired from the walk and all of her sexual activity of the day. I asked her if she wanted to remove the butt plug but she wanted it to stay in a little while longer.

She went out to sit on the porch in the sun and I opened a bottle of wine, cut some cheese, cut up an apple and peeled and divided an orange and put all of them on a plate with some crackers and poured each of us a glass of wine and brought them out to the porch. We sat there enjoying the wine stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv and snack for an hour of so, in the nude, outdoors and just relaxed. We had a lot of small talk about what we had done and how much we liked the area, cabin and everything.

She asked me to take the butt plug out and I did but played around with it a bit first, fucking it in and out and bending it around for her enjoyment before I took it out.
We started dinner together and just went along relaxed and happy. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed each other?s company as well as the food and ambiance. After dinner we had a drink at the kitchen table before we cleaned the dishes and headed to the porch.

We sat on the porch as we watched the sun setting and held hands. The clear sky had just a few wispy clouds. It was something you would read about in a romantic novel.

It was now twilight and the sun was below the horizon when we heard a voice from nearby, ?Hello in the cabin?. I looked at Lyndah and she was startled and a little /scared/">scared by the intrusion. I stood up and answered, ?Where are you, who are your, what do you want??

?We are lost and need some help; can we come up to the cabin?? Lyndah answered, ?Wait a minute; we have to get some clothes on?. ?We are also nude? was the reply from the edge of the woods but we proceeded into the cabin to put on robes anyway.

As we came out of the house we could see two people approaching the cabin in the fading light. There was a man and woman, he was average height and weight and black. She was a little on the heavy side and white.

We stood together as they walked closer. Lyndah grabbed my hand, as they got close she could see his cock, which was very big and very black. She could also see that her cunt was bald, closely shaven with no hint of hair at all. I could feel the sexual tension rising in Lyndah as she pressed my hand and pressed her body close to mine. She also made that little noise that she does when she is very horny, ?Ohhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhh?.

?We got lost in the woods on a walk and have no idea where we are, could you help us?? I asked them if they wanted a robe or something to wear and he smiled and said, ?No, we are fine. I like the way she is looking at us?, meaning Lyndah?s stare.

This caused Lyndah a little embarrassment and she blushed and held my hand more tightly. I looked at her and smiled, ?Reverting to your old habits and desires?? I said to her. This caused Lyndah to blush a lot more.

I asked them to sit down as I introduced Lyndah and myself. Their names were Matt and Dotty. I asked them where they started and they told me they were renting another camp on the other side of the lake. I asked them if they wanted a ride back to their camp and they said they would if they could find the way back. As it was getting dark I thought it may be more difficult to find than in the daytime but I said I had a laptop with Google Earth and we could look it up. We agreed we would do that but I asked them if they would like a drink to which they said they would.

Lyndah fixed them a drink and brought them back to the porch. I t old Lyndah to unfasten her robe, she looked at me a little startled but undid the belt and let it flop completely open in the front. As she was handing the drink to Matt it seemed it took her a few seconds longer than necessary. Matt smiled and seemed to spread his legs apart a little bit but tried to hide it from me. As Lyndah handed the drink to Dotty she did the same and Lyndah again took a couple of seconds more than I thought necessary. I was amused but not upset or worried. Maybe she can get some action I thought.

We sat there and talked about the lake, their cabin and ours and how to get them back. Lyndah was becoming uncomfortable and I did not know why. I asked them how they ended up over here and Dotty said that they were down by the lake earlier and saw us on the dock from across the lake. She said that they could see me eating Lyndah and decided we were their kind of people and they made up their mind to walk over here to meet us. They got lost on the way and were very surprised when the came upon the cabin and us.

Again Lyndah got a little embarrassed but I could feel her getting horny and she wiggled a little in the chair. Matt then shifted his ass a little forward on the chair and spread his legs even further apart. His cock swung down past the front of the chain and he seemed to be displaying it on purpose. I could plainly see this, as could Lyndah. I looked at Lyndah quickly to see her reaction as she caught her breath and again made her little noise.

I then stood up and took off my robe and asked Lyndah to stand so I could take hers off also. She did and she sat back down near the edge of the seat with her legs spread very wide apart. Here we go, I thought.

I asked if they would like to go inside and they all readily agreed, including Lyndah. As we walked inside with Matt and Dotty in front Matt broke out in a laugh and it occurred to me why. The black depth gauge dildo was still stuck to the floor. Dotty saw it and turned to Lyndah and said, ?The real thing is better?.

Lyndah blushed a bright red over her entire body and I could tell she was getting beyond horny. Lyndah reached for the dildo and pulled it from the floor and took it to the bag and just threw it in. I said ?That is no way to treat something that gave you so much pleasure just a little while ago?. Lyndah got a deeper shade of red and a little hornier. Lyndah likes to be used and was enjoying the attention and feelings.

Dotty looked at Lyndah directly in the eye and asked her how she had used the dildo. Lyndah paused a bit and I told her I would answer for her. I then proceeded to tell them how Lyndah had sucked and fucked the dildo until she could not stand. This caused Lyndah to squirm and I knew her cunt was running.

Matt spoke up and asked Lyndah if she thought she could deep throat his cock. He held it up and it started to get hard as he stroked it. Dotty said the she could only get about half of it in her mouth and she would like to see somebody swallow the entire thing.

As Dotty was saying this Lyndah looked at me. I could read her eyes which were saying, ?What do I do, should I suck his cock, tell me what to do?. I knew what she wanted to do, as she had never, ever seen a /real/real-cock/">real cock that she has not sucked and I knew she was not about to start now.

Lyndah was breathing very shallow and she was nervously moving her hands around on her leg. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and she was starting to sweat a little bit. I decided to make sure she enjoyed herself by making her put on a little show for us and directing her in all actions and making all of her decisions.

I told Matt and Dotty how Lyndah did not like to make decisions and that I would make all the decisions from this point on and asked them to help me. They readily agreed.

I looked at Lyndah and asked her how she felt. She looked at me but did not answer which I assumed was because of embarrassment. I insisted she tell me and she said that she was horny, very horny.
I instructed her to push forward on the chair and spread her legs to the max. She did this without hesitation. I instructed her to play with her clit and cunt and she dug in without delay.

As she played with herself I was talking to Matt and Dotty asking them if they had any sexual preferences. I told them how Lyndah liked to suck her cunt juices up from her fingers and any cock that had fucked her, how she liked to suck cock and swallow cum and how she was such a totally sexual being.

At this point I told Lyndah to suck her cunt juices from her fingers and put on a show for Matt and Dotty. She slowly sucked on her fingers as she looked directly at them. Dotty asked if it tasted good and Lyndah said that it was very good. Dotty asked if she could have some and Lyndah really dug her finger into her cunt to get it super wet and held it out to Dotty who licked it up as she held Lyndah?s hand and fucked Lyndah?s finger in and out of her mouth like /crazy/">crazy.

I told Lyndah to move to the sofa and continue with what she was doing. She hopped over to the sofa and she lay back with her legs spread very wide and proceeded to dig into her cunt with both hands. Without a word Dotty moved over and got between Lyndah?s legs and moved her face towards Lyndah?s cunt. Lyndah saw this and moved her hands and Dotty threw her face into Lyndah?s cunt.

Upon the first contact of her cunt by Dotty, Lyndah threw her cunt up and into Dottie?s face and grabbed her by the hair. She pulled Dotty into her cunt and moaned and said, ?God I love to have my cunt eaten by a woman, eat me good Dotty, please eat me good?.

Matt clapped his hands and told Dotty that she had to make Lyndah cum and swallow all of the juices. Dotty paused and looked at Matt and said, ?You don?t have to tell me that, I want all she got?. She threw her face back into Lyndah?s cunt and Lyndah threw her cunt up into her face and moved around and moaned and grunted.